Army Of Zero - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the game called "Army Of Zero"?

Because the four statistics on each card - SPEED, COMBAT, WEAPON and ARMOUR - add up to zero for every one of the eighty-four characters. And actually, that has some significance for the puzzles, too...

Q: What's the objective of the Army Of Zero puzzle? It doesn't say in my copy of the game.

You're right, it doesn't. Discovering what you have to do is part of the challenge. (It doesn't have to be the first part, though. You can solve the individual puzzles without knowing what you're working towards.)

Q: What parts of the cards are significant when it comes to the puzzles?

Every feature on the 84 character cards has a part to play. The shield and sword cards aren't part of the puzzles, and the backs of the cards aren't important either. Everything else is.

Q: I'm completely stuck, I can't even get started. Please can I have some help?

Don't panic, it's OK. Try thinking about ways in which you could arrange the 84 character cards. That's as much as we're going to say - at the moment, anyway.

Q: When we're playing the combat game, what are the shields down the side of the cards for?

You don't need to use them in the combat game, they're part of the puzzle.

Q: We've lost a character card. Can we solve the puzzle without it?

No, you can't. You can play the game if you've lost a card, because each player only needs 10 cards, but every card is important in solving the puzzle. But don't worry, because we have spares. Get in touch with us and we'll sort you out a replacement.

Q: Please can you give out some extra clues?

They're out there, if you know where to look. We do drop the occasional hint on either our Twitter feed (@pointzerogames), or on the Point Zero Games blog.

Q: Does it make a difference how quickly I submit my solution to the competition?

No. Solutions received on the closing date will be given exactly as much consideration as solutions received on any other day. The solutions received will all be judged on whether they provided the correct answer, and how the correct answer was reached. That's all that matters, as long as you get your solution in by the closing date.

Q: Why is the competition only open to UK residents?

Please have a look at this page.

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